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KANTO Karaoke is one of the most popular players in the world to do Karaoke at home or professionally. With this program you can play any kind of karaoke file: karaoke video (.mp4 or .avi), karafun file, midi, kar file, CDG + MP3 file, and so on.

From today it is possible to use this program also to play TOMBOLA or BINGO to have fun as friends and family. The game of Tombola is known to all. With Kanto Tombola Karaoke you can combine the game of Tombola with Karaoke.

First of all download Kanto Karaoke on your computer (Windows or Mac). When the program starts, you will see the following main screen.

The functions of Kanto Karaoke are many. On this page we will focus on the use of the TOMBOLA /  BINGO, but if you want to learn how to use all the functions of the program, please read the guide on the official website at the following link:

The operation of the program is very simple and intuitive, you can load and play a karaoke base in two clicks or create playlists to your liking. Once you understand how it works, you can immediately start playing Bingo (or Bingo).


Below we want to point out one of the many game modes that you can adopt. But you are free to modify it as you wish!

Step 1. Open Kanto Karaoke on your PC

Install and run the program on your Windows or Mac computer. Once started you will see the screen shown above.

Step 2. Import songs or create playlists

From the right side of the main program screen you can create playlists with your favorite karaoke songs. If you don’t want to create Playlists, you can immediately press OPEN FILE and import the music track to play.

Once you start a karaoke song you will be able to see the karaoke text within the program screen and by pressing the DUAL SCREEN button you can project that same screen on a second monitor.

Further details on how to open and play karaoke files can be found in the complete guide at the following link:

If you do not have karaoke files, know that it is easy to find and download them for free from the internet. For example, you can also download Karaoke videos from YouTube and then import them into the program.

Step 3. Prepare Bingo game

As you know, to play bingo you need its basic things: the bingo cards and the board where the numbers will be drawn.

As for the bingo cards you will have to print them and give them to the players. To print the folders you can download the following PDF file. There are 30 folders ready to print and then deliver.

Download BINGO cards

Or downlad the following EXCEL file to generate BINGO Cards (numbers from 1 to 90)


Now you ask yourself what about the scoreboard? Well, the board can be opened and managed directly from the Kanto Karaoke program. Click on the WEB BROWSER button at the bottom right of the program and the following window will open:

In the box Option 1 – URL you have to enter the following url

Then click on GO button and you will see this main screen with all numbers from 1 to 90:

OK, now you have the cards, you have the board, you are ready to start the game!

Step 4. Start bingo  game

A very simple game mode to set up is the following:

a) Open the bingo window and if you have a second monitor connected to your computer move that window to that monitor so that everyone can see the numbers drawn.

b) Start the game using the keys on your PC keyboard:

  • press the F5 key to activate the scoreboard
  • press any key on the keyboard to extract numbers

c) During the game you can of course set background music in the Kanto Karaoke player. When a player does both, triad, quatern, five or bingo you can play the song that he has to sing (song of your choice or chosen by the player). Or, if you want, you can make the player who owns the drawn number sing (but in this way the game becomes a little too long).

Only after having sung the song will the player be able to claim the prize for the achievement!

By clicking on the DUAL SCREEN button, you can show the song lyrics screen on the second monitor, right where the scoreboard is. In this way players will be able to see the words of the songs and sing while reading the text (without losing sight of the Bingo board).

This one described above is just one of the many bingo game modes that you can follow. Another way could be that you create and print folders with numbers and the title of a song under the numbers. When a player does both, for example, he will have to sing one of the two songs present under the two winning numbers. Or he can decide another person who will have to sing instead of him! If a person refuses to sing or sings badly or does not know a certain song, he will not be able to claim the prize!

In short, you can have fun and entertain as you wish. Obviously, in order for the game to work well you will have to prepare yourself first, going to print the folders and setting all the songs that will have to be sung during the game.

How to Play BINGO Offline

If you are not connected to internet and you are not able to open the scoreboard with all number you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Do right click of the mouse on the following link and then click on SAVE LINK AS and save the html file on your desktop

Download html file

2. Open Kanto Karaoke player, click on WEB BROWSER button and enter the url

file://C:Users/[your PC name]/Desktop/tombolajs1.html

3. Click GO button and you will be ready to play.


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